The Most Popular Ballroom Dance Types in the World

If you are curious about taking the best exercise dance classes on Long Island, you must know that there are plenty of styles that you can take. The most popular – and prevalent – in most ballroom dance class studios are the salsa, the meringue, the tango, and the Cha Cha.

The styles vary in popularity around the world. In America, the most popular ballroom dances include the Waltz, the Foxtrot, the Lindy and West Coast Swing. Most everyone will have a personal preference, so these dance styles are not hard and fast rules as to the most popular around. However, these are among the most common types of dance classes one will find offered in a ballroom dance studio.

When taking classes, there are usually two choices of dance styles for the popular dances. You can choose to dance American style or International style. The differences are in the rhythm and dance positions used. In the United States, ballroom dance competitions can include both styles.

With American style, which is used most commonly in American ballroom, the categories in the various dances incorporate smooth and rhythm. In the International category these are referred to as standard and Latin. These both incorporate the same dance types. In essence, you could learn the salsa American style or International style.

American styles offer what is called open work. Partners in each type of dance can separate from one another and dance on their own. This is the type of dancing done on television competition shows. It offers a way for each dance partner to show off their talents and skills.

With Latin style, the leg action is the most important part of any style. It involves a faster change of weight on each step, while in American style the dancers often use bended legs because they have a few seconds to delay each step. This is something most experienced ballroom dancers and instructors can detect.

When choosing to start ballroom dance classes you do not need to know all the nuances of the styles. You can be aware of them and learn as you go from basic to intermediate and advanced classes.

Finally, there are fusions of ballroom dance which combine both American and International. These are new and exciting additions to ballroom styles which may also be given as classes at various ballroom studios. Check your local dance studio for more details.